Here at Inspired Inner Genius, we believe that every child is born a genius. We are a publishing house founded with the purpose to publish children's books that serve to inspire, educate and empower young minds across the globe from a tender age. We figured, what better way to do so than to help these kids meet their muse — by publishing the biographies of those who came before us.

Extensive biographies & glossaries to level up your child's learning!

Curated to deepen your child's knowledge about our muses, our extended biography is also perfect for school reports. In addition, reinforce your child's learning with simplified definitions of the advanced vocabulary presented in our books!

Our very own installation that features our muses! 

Introduce your little ones to a myriad of other inspirational individuals in our book collection. The fun part? The ''Muse Museum'' is ever-dynamic and a character is only unlocked upon purchasing their book. Collect them all to assemble the pieces of the puzzle! 

Welcome to the Arena of Geniuses!

Ada Lovelace


Amelia Earhart

Alexander Hamilton


Albert Einstein

Steve Jobs

Kobe Bryant


Anne Frank


Bruce Lee

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This little book is a winner in our house! 

It was lovely to see my son, with complex difficulties  sit and be engrossed in a book that engages him. This little book is a winner in our house and we would definitely recommend this to other young readers!


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We are looking forward to more books!

Max’s first reaction from the Einstein book was “I think I want to be a scientist now”. Cody said “if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs, we may use banana or peach phones” (Apple phone 🤣). They both really liked the books.

Stacy Smith

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We absolutely loved this one! 

I would definitely recommend buying these books for any child! The ideal age in my opinion would be 7-8, but I think they work for younger and older than that too!

Jay Rae


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